GDPR (Data Protection)

We have always taken data protection seriously and we have been working hard on updating our processes and documentation to meet the requirements of GDPR, the new European Data Protection Act.

With this page, we want to give our customers a simple overview of all the measures we take to protect your data:   


» Link to Cookie Policy

» Link to Terms and Conditions (read more under" Privacy Policy "about how we treat personal data)

Other helpful links for our customers:

» Request information about which of your customer information is saved

» Request to remove your customer information that is saved (clear customer account)

» Other information regarding your account (login required)

• Edit your name, e-mail address and phone number  

• Right to data portability  

• Orders Overview   

» Unsubscribe from newsletters

Other information about your tasks:

• Your social security number is never saved by us.  

• All information that is legally required for the tax office cannot be erased (order number, name, address, email address associated with your Klarna account and purchased product)  

• If your product has a warranty and you made a warranty registration, your warranty will not be valid after 2 years and your information will automatically be deleted.  

If you still have questions, please contact our friendly customer service: TO CUSTOMER SERVICE

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