Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service, who will answer all your questions


Yes, all our watches are 100% real. You will get a warranty/instructions booklet with the watch at the purchase. This booklet, together with your receipt/order confirmation is your certificate of authenticity. There are no unique serial numbers on the watches. You know the watches are real because you buy them from a reliable retailer.

You can go to a watchmaker/watch shop who can adjust the wristband for you. It is important to go to an authorized watch shop that sells the same brand as your watch as certain watches require special tools and knowledge. Please note that ceramic watches are very sensitive. It’s extremely important that a qualified watchmaker is adjusting such a watch. You cannot return your watch if you have adjusted the wristband within the withdrawal period. Sending us an email with a picture of the receipt will entitle you to a € 10 discount on your next purchase.

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You can go to a watch shop that sells the same brand as your watch and change the battery if the battery runs out within one year from the date of receiving the watch. 

You will then receive a € 10 discount on your next purchase if you send us an email with a picture of the receipt 

If you have bought a ceramic watch it is important to know that like a thin coffee cup (made of china), it’s is more fragile than for example watches made of metal.

Ceramic is however very scratch resistant and keeps it colour and smooth surface a lot better than watches made of metal. Please use your ceramic watch with care and avoid banging the watch against hard surfaces.

Your watch consits of fine mechanical parts that are put together with big care and precision. Regardless of purchase of a cheap watch or a more expensive model you need to follow the following instructions to get the best possible use of your watch and enjoy it for a long time:

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme conditions like direct sunlight, extreme heat or extreme cold. Extreme heat or cold can cause the watch not to work as it should as well as shortening the life-span of the battery.

Avoid exposing the watch to humid conditions unless they are marked with 10 or 20 ATM. Never use the buttons or the crown when the watch is damp. If water or condensation gets into the watch then an authorized watchmaker should examine the watch immediately, even if the condensation disappears, the components in the watch may get damaged otherwise.

Condensation in the watch. Sudden changes of temperature can cause vacuum inside the watch, which can cause condensation. If this happens you can see water on the glass on the inside of the watch. If the liquid is no longer visible do not take for granted that it has dried up. The watch needs to be taken to a watchmaker immediately who can open the watch and remove the damp. The damp can penetrate the mechanism which will lead to damage of the watch. Not even 10 or 20 ATM are protected against sudden changes of temperature. Condensation may happen if you move the watch from below zero C outdoors to high temperature indoors or if you keep the watch in the bathroom whilst showering. This is not necessarily a manufacture fault and a complaint can’t always be done. The manufacturer decides this. 

Avoid bumps and impacts on the watch. Your watch is made to manage normal use. You should not sleep with your watch on.

Avoid the use of perfume, soap or other chemicals that might damage your watch. Chemicals can cause discoloration, changes and other damage to the case, the wristband or other parts. Avoid using bracelets on the same arm as where you are wearing your watch as this may scratch and cause wear on the plating.

Avoid magnetic fields or static electricity that can cause damage to the mechanism of the watch. Normally a watch is not affected by household machines like televisions, stereos etc.

Keep the watch clean. Clean it with a soft cloth and water (only if it is water resistant) Rinse the watch if it has been in salty or chlorinated water. The wristband should be cleaned regularly to keep its look and reduce wear and tear. Please note that plated watches are more sensitive than watches made of stainless steel. Clean it with a soft brush and slightly soapy water. After each clean a dry soft cloth needs to be used to dry it off.

A leather wristband is a natural product that will wear and tear. It is very delicate when it comes to damp, sweat, chemicals and frictions. The wristband has a short lifespan and should (due to hygienic reasons) be changed every 6-12 months, depending on how much the band is used. During the change the pins of the band should be checked or changed too.

A wristband that is made of stainless steel doesn’t oxidize and doesn’t need to be polished. It can be cleaned with a bit of soap and water. Be careful not to wash it with too much water as some doesn’t take a lot of contact with water, please read more about your watch’s water safety.

A wristband and watch that is plated must be looked after carefully. A plated wristband is more delicate than a wristband in stainless steel. Gentle handling and cleaning is a must with all watches and wristbands. A plated wristband needs to be cleaned gently. Thorough rubbing is wearing on the plated surface and you also risk shortening the lifespan on the wristband if you polish it a lot.

Wrong handling and caring is often the main cause of discolouring of the metal.    

A big problem for a few people is that they secrete some chemicals from their skin that creates discolouring on the metal. In some extreme cases, the watch or jewellery turns discoloured. There is unfortunately nothing that can be done about this. Most people don’t have this problem though thankfully.

Changing of time and date on your watch shouldn’t be done between 10PM and 2 AM (watches that have dates where the watches have 24 hours zone) as this can cause damage to the mechanism inside the watch.

Stones and buttons are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but we at Cyroloi will help you with problems if a stone on your watch or wristband has dropped off within 3 months after the collection of the watch. You can go to a watchmaker/shop and have it replaced.

Send an email to us with a picture of the receipt, you will get € 5 discount per stone that have been put back, you can use the discount at your next purchase. We help you with maximum 3 stones.

Please note that we need a picture of the watch before you have the stone replaced.

Please note that if the watch is delivered with a problem we ask you to immediately contact us.

Always check on the back of the watch to find out which water resistance it has before you start to use your watch!

The terminology ”water proof” is not used any longer as it can be misleading because watches can resist water in different degrees. Water sustainability means to what grade a watch can become wet, or resist the pressure that occurs from a certain amount of water. The unit (ATM, Bar, M or FT) refers to the degree of pressure tested. These figures explain the degree of pressure the watch is made to take and it doesn’t mean depth, even though this is a common misunderstanding. You can’t for example dive 50 meters below sea level with a 5 ATM watch. It is important to remember it is measured at a static or no moving condition during cold circumstances. It doesn’t consider that the pressure increases with movement. When you swim you add pressure simply by moving the watch around in the water.

Your warranty covers only watches that are 10ATM or above and it is important to check regularly that the rubber seal has not dried up. Repeated exposure to chlorine, salt water or soap can dry out the seal in these cases the watch will start letting in water.

Please note! Don’t use your watch in hot showers, saunas or hot baths as that may affect the seal. Most watches are not suited for steam and heat. Condensation may occur even inside watches that are 10ATM and above if they are exposed to steam and hot baths. Sudden changes of temperature can cause vacuum inside the watch, which can cause condensation. If this happens you can see water on the glass on the inside of the watch. If the liquid is no longer visible please don’t take it for granted that it has dried up. The watch needs to be taken to a watchmaker immediately who can open the watch and remove the damp. The damp can penetrate the mechanism which will lead to damage of the watch. Not even 10 or 20 ATM are protected against sudden changes of temperature. Condensation may happen if you move the watch from below zero C outdoors to high temperature indoors or keeping the watch in the bathroom whilst showering. This is not necessarily a manufacture fault and a complaint can’t always be done. The manufacturer decides this.

The unit that is used can be different in different parts of the world or on different models and pages on the internet. One example is 30 meters=3ATM=3BAR=100ft all mean the same just as 1000mm=100cm=1m are really the same measurements. 

Your watch is marked with the water resistance that it can handle. 

Please look at the back of your watch!

Resistance (Pressure)

ATM 3 (30m)

ATM 5 (50m)

ATM 10 (100m)

ATM20 (200m)






Water splashes





Light rain





Shower / Heavy rain















Dump / Steam





It’s not unusual that the hands for the timer don’t go back to zero, it does happen occasionally. Usually it is just a calibration of the hands that is needed. Make sure that the watch stop is on zero (the button at 4 o’clock), pull out the crown (the big button on the side of the watch at 3o’clock) one or two times. If you now press on one of the buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock you will see that one of the hands is moving. Depending on what position the crown is in and which button you press you are able to set the hands I different directions. When you have calibrated, press the crown all the way back in again and now the chronograph is in its new zero position.

On certain watches it is slightly different, pull out the crown to its furthest position. Press the top button to reset the first hand, when you have set it correct you press the lowest button, then you change which hand you reset. Carry on doing this until you have reset all the hands that need to be reset.

You can go to a watch shop that sells your brand and ask a watchmaker what to do with your model if you are unsure

The wristband is not covered by the warranty from the manufacturer, please see the warranty booklet that is inside the box that the watch was delivered in. Discolouring, wear and tear, problems with clasp, pins and links are not covered by the warranty.

We will of course help you if your watch is broken at delivery but you need to contact us immediately if that is the case. Please note that the watch cannot be used and the plastic cover must be left on the watch for us to be able to help you with the broken wrist band.

We cannot accept and be responsible for watches that are returned as if they were new but are used by you.


Thank you for your order!

If you haven’t received confirmation by email or text message please contact us at Aphrodonis' support. We are happy to help you to find out what has happened. One common problem is that you might have given us the wrong email address when you made the order.

Please remember to always check your junk mail.

After you have put your products in the shopping basket, click on “open the shopping basket” on the top right hand side on our web site.

Write the code where it says “coupon” and press “add coupon” . Continue with the purchase as usual.


We are grateful for each order but we know that you sometimes change your mind and want to return the product. There is always 14 days withdrawal period.

If you change your mind please contact us at Aphrodonis' support. We will send you all the information you need to return the product and a return form.

Please return the product with all the documents like the warranty booklet, the box etc.

Clothes can be tried on but cannot be used or washed, no stains, marks, damages or anything else that would cause the clothes to be nonsalable. 

The withdrawal period does not apply to hygiene products that are not specially sealed, like under wear and jewellery. 

Watches can be tried on but not used to avoid scratches and damages. The wristband must be the same size as when delivered, you cannot return a watch where the wristband has been adjusted. We are not taking responsibility for a watch that is returned as new but is used by the customer. 

If you have repaired or changed the watch in any way it is not returnable. Please note that this is applicable to the withdrawal period not a complaint about damaged goods at delivery.

When you make an order at Aphrodonis Watches there is an added charge for delivery 0 EURO this charge will not get credited if you return the product.

If you don’t pick up the parcel and it is returned to us there is charge of 10 EURO  if you want us to resend it to you.

If you don’t want your product there is an extra charge of 10 EURO. This amount will be deducted from the refund.

If a used product is damaged and the warranty covers the damage then the product should be repaired. If it cannot get repaired we will offer a new product if it’s still in stock.

If the product is not still in stock we will offer a similar model.

Return of money is ONLY APPLIES if none of the above alternatives are available.

Please note. We will NOT return you money at purchase of watches if we have already given you credit for adjusting the wristband or change of battery ( if its done 14 days after delivery of the product). Return of money is not applicable if the product was delivered more than 6 months ago.

You need to contact us immediately If you have ordered the wrong product or if you have received the wrong product. Please contact us at Aphrodonis' support. We will sort out the problem for you.

Please note! Certain colours can be hard to detect on a picture due to a flash is used etc, this means that a slight difference can appear between the colour on the picture and the colour on the product in reality.


All watches come with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer. 

Aphrodonis has its own watchmaker. When a warranty repair of your watch has been approved by our claims regulator, the watch will be sent to our watchmaker. The duration of the repair varies depending on the problem with the watch and the workload the watchmaker has.

Normal duration for the repair is 2 weeks. You will be contacted if any delays occur.

The terms of the warranty can vary between the different manufacturers. The terms are stated in the manual. 

- Damages due to mistreatment, careless use, accidents, or other external influences.

- Water damage on none water resistant watches (water resistant = 10 ATM or higher ATM).

- Damages due to repair or other work done by someone that is not an authorized dealer.

- Damages on plastic-, rubber-, leather wristbands, links and coating of these.

- Damages on the glass, ring, crown, case, wristband, stones and other superficial parts.

If the watch is working but the hand of the seconds is not moving, it is possible that the watch has a chronograph function and the hand of the seconds is actually a stop watch. The stop watch starts when you press the pusher at 2 o’clock but it is often turned off as it uses battery. A watch shop can show you how to start the stop watch.

The watch could have run out of battery as there is sometimes a period between the manufacturing of the watch and the arrival to the customer. A watchmaker can change the battery if that is the case. Send us an email with a picture of the receipt, you will get the whole amount as credit towards your next purchase.

Please note we do refund the whole amount to you if the battery runs out within 2 weeks from the date of you receiving the parcel.

If your product is broken or damaged at delivery please contact us immediately at Aphrodonis’s customer service

The withdrawal period is 14 days for unused products. We need a picture of the broken product in order for us to help you in the best possible way.

If something happens with your product after 14 days you should of course contact us so we can decide what needs to be done. It is important that you email us a picture of the broken product. Please send a clear picture of the faulty part as we cannot see the problem with the watch if it’s not clear and if there is a reflection on the picture. If you discover a fault with your watch and continue to use it, we cannot then be responsible for any damages that might happen to the watch. 

If your product has a fault that is covered by the warranty after you have started to use the product, then the product will get repaired. If it’s not possible to repair it you will get a new product or a similar product if the original product is not in stock. You will get a refund only after 2 repairs have been made and the same problem exists

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